Ral Nez'erberenz of Dur'Gat
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Vital statistics
Title J
Gender Male
Race Drow
Faction Horo'trin, Arcturum Rivals
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Ral Nez'erberenz is a drow aligned with the forces of evil and follower of Letos. He is commonly viewed as a necromancer and an assassin through numerous stories. This dark elf's appearancse within the ages of time have been numerous and are vital to the flow of history. This character is best portrayed as Venversh Nez'erberenz, Casper Nez'erberenz, and Antasick Nez'erberenz's eldest brother and nemesis of Katarinne from K.F. Draven's stories. Ral is a follower of Letos and has had much affiliation with other organizations bent on power, such as the Horo'trin and the Arcturum Rivals.


Ral Nez'erberenz was originally created by the author, K.F. Draven and has best come to be known as one of the most sinister drow in Angeous. Ral is the eldest child of Tianu Nez'erberenz, as Casper was the youngest, Antasick was the latter, and Venversh was the third. Ral grew up among his brothers in the twisted dark elf homeland of Dur'Gat. There, he learned many abilities, including his alignment and talents. Ral is a power-hungry shadow that walks Angeous, probing areas fit for his dark campaigns.
It seems that Ral always has a quick arsenal of dark items at his disposal, always surprising enemies, usually to their death.


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